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I am available for idea generation, wordsmith work, architectural illustrations, story-boarding or three-dimensional visualization whenever the need arises so please feel free to contact me.

Idea Generation + Concept Development

I can assist in Brainstorming by providing quick, effective 3-D sketches of ideas proposed.  More info

Story-boarding +Illustration

My visualization skills allow me to provide various views and/or sequential scenarios of any given story line.  More info

Architectural Rendering + 3D Visualization

As an architect of 25 years standing I have all the tools to develop realistic and artfully conceived images of any architectural or urban environment.  More info


As the author of multiple reports, articles, documents, story lines and audio-visual presentations I excel at providing lucid, readable material to compliment my graphics or augment your existing written work. More info


Hi there, I am Graham Smith, your Renaissance Man

I am an Architect, Educator and Artist with 25 years of design experience on a multitude of projects.  This experience combined with my strong graphic and conceptual skills allows me to explore and convey diverse graphic representations for a wide range of clients and project types.



Feel free to contact me for any creative work that you might need.

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